Embroidery Design Card - Autumn Sampler


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Glorious fall colors...The designs on this card evoke the feelings of the end of the summer season. The window that frames the tree outside is still wearing a few of it's golden leaves, with a lone chickadee perched on its branch. There is an adorable slumbering cat curled up in the warm comfort of a quilt. The last fall pansies and pumpkins sit on the potting shed shelf, and a country road winding along a mountainside stand of pine trees makes you want to go there. As usual Joyce's signature artwork has been transformed into designs incredible in their detail and quiet inspiration. This sampler embroidery design card contains a wonderful mix of design possibilities including appliqué, and 2 designs digitized specifically for Puffy Foam. Be sure to check out the other seasons. All of the above embroidery designs are compatible with most embroidery machines. However, they come on CD-ROMs that require software to convert them for use on your particular embroidery machine. If you do not have the software, you need to contact your embroidery machine dealer to see if they will convert it for you.