Affiliate Program

What Is An Affiliate Program and How Does It Work?

An affiliate program is a marketing partnership which allows participating websites to earn a commission on sales referred to Sulky of America using specially tracked links. We will provide you with advertising tools like custom banner ads, links and tracking codes for you to place on your sites, in your emails or other internet listings. When a visitor you’ve referred makes a purchase on our site, that transaction will be tracked and we will give you a commission on the sale. It's that simple!

Who Should Join?

We are seeking partners that cater to all kinds of crafting, sewing, and embroidery and quilting enthusiasts such as:

  • Craft, Sewing and Quilting Bloggers
  • Sewing and Quilting Guilds
  • Sewing and Quilting Associations
  • Designers - (fabric, pattern, quilt, embroidery, etc.)
  • Ecommerce sites that cater to the crafting, sewing, embroidery and quilting communities

Program Highlights

  • 20% commission on all affiliate generated sales
  • 30-Day affiliate cookie (meaning if the customer purchases within 30-days you still get the commission)
  • Free Shipping on orders $60+ (US only)
  • Leading brand in the craft, quilting and embroidery market
  • Free Projects and Designs
  • Educational newsletter promoting products, tutorials and projects (twice a month)
  • Promotions and sales email (2-4 times a month)
  • Willing to provide customized asset

Let's Get Started!
Please contact us at 1-800-874-4115 ext. 176 

FREE SHIPPING on orders over $60