Deanie Pouch by Sallie Tomato

Create a fun faux-leather pouch with fun embroidery done in sparkly Sulky thread. Learn tons of techniques from the Sallie Tomato designer, Kate Bashinski, while you work your way through the pattern, which is included with purchase of the Session!

This Summer Sewing Session is split into easily digestible Lessons so you can choose how much (or how little) you want to sew each day until your project is complete!

With purchase of the Session at $19.99, you'll receive the NEW Deanie Pouch pattern designed by Sallie Tomato for Sulky for FREE, valued at $9.99!

The Deanie Pouch is a beginner-level pattern with endless customization opportunities. Store pencils and pens, sewing supplies, or makeup brushes inside the mesh pockets. Learn how to make a pouch using faux leather and high-end hardware for a professional finish.

There are two sizes to choose from: Wallet or Carrier, both constructed in the same way. Kate will demo the Carrier size during the Session; the available Deanie Pouch kit includes enough materials to make EITHER size.
Also included in the kit are two Machine Embroidery Designs (Tool Trio & Pen Trio).

  • Each Lesson contains information and techniques, with Lessons 2-6 featuring at least one video for a short sewing session, to break up the project and allow you to finish it in manageable chunks.
  • Each Lesson can be completed all at once or sprinkle the Lessons into your daily, weekly, or monthly routine. After the last Lesson in the Session, the pouch will be complete!


  • 5 instructional videos to guide you through the techniques & construction of the NEW Deanie Pouch by Sallie Tomato
  • Extra printables, reference materials, and/or downloads for each Lesson within the Session
  • Interact with fellow registrants and Sulky support staff in the “Deanie Pouch Community”
  • A comments section for each lesson

Kit includes enough supplies to create EITHER size. If a matching set is desired, purchase two kits.
Also included in the kit are two Machine Embroidery Designs (Tool Trio & Pen Trio).

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