Clover Hot Ruler


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Clover Needlecraft Hot Ruler is ideal for larger measuring and pressing tasks such as: home décor, long hems, deep hems and large mitered corners. Perfect for today's trends of ruffles, purse straps, pillowcases, full skirts and more.


  • Measure, mark, fold, press: deep hems, long hems, miter corners
  • Heat resistant, press directly on the ruler
  • Can be used with dry or steam iron
  • Unique non-slip surface holds fabric in place for precise results
  • 2 1/2" x 10" (63.5cm x 254cm)
  • *Available in a smaller size-Hot Hemmer (Art. No 7806)

How to Use

  • Fold fabric over ruler, match edge to size needed, press
  • Fold corner to match miter line, press
  • Use ruler to mark hem size, place ruler at mark, fold fabric and press


  • Do not use except for its intended purpose
  • Do not place hot iron on Hot Ruler for extended period of time (may cause discoloration)
  • Do not twist, bend or fold Hot Ruler (may deform ruler)
  • Allow Hot Ruler to cool before handling

Heat resistant up to 428°F/220°C

Material: Nylon