Sulky Metallic Thread Success Kit - Metallic Slimline Starter Kit + Thread Director


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Introducing our Metallic Thread Success Kit! You don’t have to be afraid any longer to sew with Metallics, plus you get everything in one place! Includes: 1 Metallic Slimline Starter Collection + 1 Thread Director. The Metallic Slimline Package contains 10 spools of Sliver™ Metallic Thread on 250 yd. spools, 10 spools of Holoshimmer Metallic Thread on 250 yd. spools, and 6 spools of Sulky Original Metallic Thread on 165 & 140 yd. spools. Also in this kit is a pack of Organ Metal Needles and The Thread Director. The Thread Director changes the position of the spool, allowing the thread to unwind flat, which eliminates twisting that can cause the thread to break. Now, you can easily use metallic and specialty threads, giving your projects some extra sparkle and pop!

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