Swan Amity Quilting Gloves - Petite/XS


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Amity means "little love" - give your hands and quilts love with these gloves! Swan Amity gloves were designed by a quilter and offer excellent control with no plastic or rubber surfaces. Quilters enjoy the comfort of soft micro-suede, breathable materials, touch screen sensitivity, padded palm and two open fingers for tactile sensation. Amity gloves are sized by the length of your fingers. To size, hold your fingers out straight and slide a ruler between your middle and index fingers. Record the length of both fingers. (If you maintain longer fingernails, take that into consideration.) Compare your recorded lengths with the sizes below and choose a size that best suits your hands. Note: It is more important to choose a length that fits your middle finger, thought it may seem slightly long for your index finger. Petite: Index finger 2-3/4" Middle finger 3"