Sulky 40 Wt. Rayon Variegated Thread - Vari-French Greens - 5,500 yd. Jumbo Cone


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Never run out of your favorite colors again! The 5,500 yd. Jumbo cone is a Great Value for your most used colors or if you are a professional embroiderer. Sulky 40 Wt. Rayon embroidery thread has the same luster and soft, warm, natural look as silk with silk’s smoothness, but it is stronger and less expensive. The vast majority of embroidery designs are digitized for Sulky 40 Wt. Rayon thread. Because of its excellent runability, unparalleled quality and huge selection of colors, Sulky is, and always has been, the first choice of machine embroiderers. Only Sulky Rayon threads are made exclusively from ENKA fibers, proven to be the highest quality rayon/viscose fibers in the world.